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The video above says it all. Most weight loss products out there promise that you'll turn into a supermodel overnight. That's just not going to happen.

Diet and exercise will always be the foundation of weight loss, and anyone that tells you otherwise is just trying to make a quick buck off of you. If you're looking for a quick fix, then this product isn't for you.

However, if you're already following a diet and exercise regimen and want to accelerate your weight loss, I can help.

I'm Bennett Johnston, and for years I struggled with losing weight. I followed diet and exercise programs that didn't help me lose weight quickly enough, so I gave up and went back to my old ways.

However, once I learned about the ability to accelerate weight loss through targeted cold exposure, I was able to stick to a diet and exercise plan much easier.

Why? Because I saw results faster, and quick results are their own motivation.

Losing weight through extreme cold exposure is nothing new. People who have climbed Mt. Everest have known this for years. In addition to the physical difficulty of climbing, they have to be sure they have adequate reserves to deal with the cold-induced weight loss.

But recent scientific studies show that you don't need to climb Mt. Everest to lose weight.

To understand why, I explain the science behind targeted cold exposure in this video.

If you're already following a diet and exercise regimen and want to accelerate your weight loss,
I can help.
” The SlimIce Pack

The Science

Your body maintains a constant temperature known as thermoregulatory homeostasis. When you're exposed to cold, your body is forced to work harder by burning more calories to maintain the same temperature.

That means using targeted cold exposure accelerates your weight loss.

Now, when most people learn that you can lose weight by exposing your body to cold, they immediately say, "Of course, by shivering!" — but there's actually more to it than that.

Cold exposure accelerates weight loss because we're born with two types of fat: white adipose tissue (white fat) and brown adipose tissue (brown fat).

Excess white fat is what you want to get rid of — it's relatively abundant because any excess calories you consume today are stored away by your body for future use.

Brown fat, on the other hand, is much more interesting. It helps your body maintain the same temperature.

When your hypothalamus senses cold, it sends a signal to activate the brown fat in your body. When activated, brown fat burns off white fat in order to keep your body at the same temperature (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit for most people).

Additionally, a recent study discovered that frequent and acute cold exposure can form additional brown fat. This means that daily, targeted cold exposure has a multiplicative effect on accelerating weight loss.

Bottom line — the more often you use cold exposure, the more it accelerates your weight loss.

Now we know that cold exposure accelerates weight loss, but who wants to climb a mountain or jump into freezing water? Not me!

Luckily, there's an alternative. By applying cold to the most receptive part of your body, where the largest deposits of brown fat are, you can still accelerate your weight loss — no mountain trekking required!

There are several deposits of brown fat on your body, but the largest deposit is located on your upper-back and lower-neck region. And that's exactly why the SlimIce Pack was carefully designed to concentrate cold on this area.

Because the SlimIce Pack targets the most receptive region of your body, you don't have to climb a mountain and endure extreme cold.

All you have to do is wear the SlimIce Pack for 20 minutes a day to accelerate your weight loss.

The more frequently you use cold exposure, the more
it will accelerate
your weight loss.
” Cold Exposure
The SlimIce Pack In Action

Quality Construction

The SlimIce Pack is easy to wear and comes complete with:

  • Cotton-twill for durability
  • Moisture-wicking polyester to keep you dry
  • Comfort-wide adjustable elastic straps to fit everyone

It's worn just like a backpack, only you'll feel a slight cooling sensation at the top of your back and the bottom part of your neck.

There are a few additional tips that I also want to share so that you can maximize your weight loss acceleration with the SlimIce Pack.

  • Wear the SlimIce Pack on your upper-back and lower-neck to expose the most brown fat to cold
  • Use the SlimIce Pack within an hour of going to sleep to keep the calories burning throughout the night
  • No matter when you wear it, wear it for only 20 minutes a day — longer does not mean better!

No Risk Decision

I want to make this a no risk decision for you.

Not only am I offering the SlimIce Pack for a bargain price, I'm also including free shipping, sales tax, and a 1-year no questions asked money-back guarantee.

If at any point in the next year you want to return it, I'll give you your money back — I'm that confident in my product.

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There's one more thing I want to tell you about.

As I mentioned above, diet and exercise will always be the foundation of weight loss.

But what if you're just getting started and you're not on a diet plan?

The best thing to do is see a local nutritionist. In the meantime though, I wanted to share with you the foods I've found to accelerate weight loss the most.

That's why I'm including the Accelerated Weight Loss guide with your order.

And I'm including it absolutely free.

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Because it’s so much more convenient than going to the gym, you’re much more likely to fit it into
your schedule.
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