FINALLY, a Sustainable System of Cold Therapy to Push Through the Last 10 Lbs – and keep them off!

Introducing the SlimIce Pack – the world’s first cold therapy for weight loss product to be paired with the exact 7-day system that pushed me through the last 10 lbs in a month – and kept them off for over 4 years – including the deep mental mindsets I use to eliminate cold therapy apprehension (especially that “first flinch”), circumvent willpower, and conquer self-doubt.

My journey from fat to skinny fat to six-pack

How I Pushed Through the Last 10 Lbs

Seven years ago things were going well – it was a challenge adjusting to my new diet, but the pounds were coming off predictably. Every week I’d weigh myself, and every week a few more pounds had come off. This steady pace kept up for 3 months – I was elated that I’d lost 29 lbs!

But then I plateaued.

I doubled down on my efforts. For the next 4 weeks I adhered perfectly to my diet, only had one “cheat meal” a week, increased interval sprints to 2X a week, and started kettlebell training 2X a week – but every week the scale barely moved – up a pound here, down a pound there, no consistency.

I still couldn’t shake those last 10 lbs.

People kept saying, “You look fine, who cares about the last 10 lbs?”

I did.

Why could other people get rid of the last 10 lbs but not me? It seemed vain, but I just wanted to be able to wear a tight t-shirt without feeling self-conscious about man-boobs. It drove me crazy.

I started reading about people who’d used cold therapy to push through their plateaus. Cold showers, ice baths, and ice packs didn’t sound particularly pleasant, but I was willing to try it out if it meant a shot at hitting my target weight.

I started out with a cold shower (my first mistake) – it was January in New York City. I turned the cold water on full blast, and I jumped right in without thinking twice (my second mistake).


In hindsight, the water must’ve been 45 degrees (my third mistake). It felt like someone was stabbing me with icicles. I leaped out of the shower, turned the water to hot, and forgot all about it.

I didn’t think about it again for another week – but a week later I was still carting around those extra 10 lbs.

I read more stories about people losing weight with cold therapy, so I decided to give it another go. But this time I wasn’t going to just “jump right in” like a bunch of fitness bros said I should. I decided to ease my way in, limb by limb, and I turned the water to cold (but not icicles-coming-out-of-the-shower-head cold).

I let each limb acclimate to the cold temperature before adding another limb, and after about a minute I was able to stand directly under the spigot.

8 minutes later I’d finished my first cold shower – hey, that wasn’t so bad!

For the rest of the day I was energized, and even though it was too early to quantify it (and I know it sounds silly) but I just felt thinner.

I knew I couldn’t mentally handle taking a cold shower every day, so the next day I tried out a less intense form of cold therapy – ice packs.

I filled a bunch of bags with ice and put them around my neck and shoulders while I watched TV for 20 minutes. The ice bags were definitely easier to handle than the cold shower, but they were uncomfortably hard, and the condensation left a mess on my shirt and the couch after my session.

I knew that the ice packs were a good addition to my cold therapy regimen, but there had to be a better way than uncomfortable, melting Ziploc bags.

I searched for cold therapy products, but none existed at the time – so I decided to invent one myself.

And after two years of designing, prototyping, and testing, the SlimIce Pack was born!

The SlimIce Pack


I created a sleek gel pack that remains soft even when frozen and a small, adjustable pouch you can slide the gel pack into and wear like a backpack. This allowed me to use cold therapy for weight loss while also multitasking (since I didn’t have to hold the ice packs in place or constantly dry off the condensation that the ice packs produced).

During that two year design period I kept testing out the right balance between intense forms of cold therapy (ice baths and cold showers) and moderate forms of cold therapy (the SlimIce Pack).

Eventually I found that a sustainable system for losing weight and maintaining your target weight was a combination of 1 cold shower session (8-10 minutes), 1 ice bath session (15-20 minutes), and 3 SlimIce Pack sessions (20 minutes) each week.

The intense ice baths and cold showers pushed me through my plateau, and the moderate SlimIce Pack kept me at maintenance on my off days. I found that this 7-day system pushed people through the last 10 lbs in about a month.

How You Can Push Through the Last 10 Lbs

Today I want to help as many people as possible achieve their target weight, which is why I’m offering you my complete system to push through those last 10 lbs.

The SlimIce Package

Frequently Asked Questions

“Can’t I just figure this out on my own?”

Hell yeah, you’re smart, I’m sure you could spend months experimenting with cold showers, ice baths, and ice packs on your own – but why? Why waste months and risk losing motivation when you could have the exact system and mental mindsets it takes to push through the last 10 lbs that you can put to work immediately?

“Can’t I just put ice in a bag and make my own ice pack?”

Absolutely, but the ice will be uncomfortable, the condensation will get everywhere, and the entire experience will be unenjoyable.

“How long will it take to push through the last 10 lbs?”

Everybody is different, but most people on healthy diets tend to push through the last 10 lbs in about a month using cold therapy.

“How do I know this will work?”

Cold therapy has helped thousands of people push through the last 10 lbs, if it worked for them it will work for you.

But don’t listen to me, listen directly to my satisfied customers.


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The SlimIce Package

Supplies Are Limited

I only manufactured several hundred SlimIce Packs in order to test market demand, so if you’re interested, I recommend buying yours ASAP – I anticipate running out quickly, and it takes months to manufacture more.

When Will You Push Through Your Plateau?

I know what it’s like to be stuck on those last 10 lbs for weeks at a time. If you’ve been stuck on the last 10 lbs for several weeks, and nothing else seems to be working, you need to try something different.

If you don’t try anything different, how can you expect to get different results?