How to get extra meat for free at Chipotle

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s getting shorted at Chipotle – especially after a leg workout when I feel like I could eat a whole cow.

After years of testing different ordering methods, however, I’ve found the optimal way to get extra meat for free at Chipotle.

There are two primary methods of getting extra meat for free at Chipotle, and both take advantage of the Chipotle server’s difficulty in estimating how much meat constitutes a serving.



Picture of my half-and-half Chipotle meal on YouFood

If you don’t want to pay for double meat, the best way to get extra meat for free is to ask for half beef and half chicken (or whichever meats you prefer).

You’d think the total meat you receive would be the same as ordering just a single meat, but you’d be wrong.

The servers at Chipotle have a hard time eyeballing how much half a serving is on their giant spoon, so they err on the side of giving you too much when determining how much half a spoon is – typically resulting in you getting approximately 1.5x meat.

Their mistake is your benefit, suckaaa.



Picture of my double meat Chipotle meal on YouFood

If you’re willing to pay for double meat, then this method will yield the maximum possible meat.

If you tell the Chipotle server right away that you want double beef (or whichever meat you prefer), you really only get something like 1.75x meat.

When you order double meat it must seem to the server that there’s no way anyone could actually eat two whole spoonful’s of meat, so when you tell them double meat, they tend to hold back on how much meat they include on each spoon.

To win this game you have to be one step ahead of the server. When they ask you which meat you want, just say, beef and then PAUSE – hold your breath if you have to. Then after they’re done serving and they start to slide your salad down to the next station say, “Oh, actually, can I get double beef?”

BOOM – another maximum spoon full of meat!

This little trick will ensure you get a solid 2.0 – 2.25x meat in your salad.

Only one Chipotle server thus far has caught on to my Chipotle ordering trick. One time I ordered just beef and before the server scooped out any meat she said, “just single beef this time or double?”

Hahaha. But it only happened once.

And that’s how you get extra meat for free at Chipotle NAME, enjoy!

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