How to Eat Junk Food and Not Get Fat


Mmm…guilt free chocolate

I’m eating a big chocolate bar right now without feeling the slightest bit of guilt.

Why not?

Because I know that I won’t get fat from eating it.

Um, that’s not possible.

–Random person who’s never read anything about health & fitness

Oh, but it is. Let’s back up a few years.


Me, circa 2008

Years ago, I was just like a lot of other people – fat, unhappy, hairy. Okay maybe not everyone’s hairy.

So what did I do about it?

The stupidity of my strategy is gonna blow your mind, but for years this was my strategy.

Bennett’s 3-Step, Pre-2011 Weight Loss Strategy

Step 1 – Eat whatever I felt like

Step 2 – Occasionally go jogging

Step 3 – Complain that I wasn’t getting any results –> repeat

I didn’t read a single book, a single blog post, or even have a single conversation with a healthy person!

Surprisingly, this never worked.

In hindsight…of course it didn’t work, what were you thinking pre-2011 Bennett!!

Sadly, this is the same thing most people are still doing. Possibly, what you’re still doing?

What changed?


Me, 4 months after learning how to eat junk food properly

One night six years ago I’d just gotten home from work. I took my shirt off in the bathroom, I was about to hop in the shower, but I just stood in front of the mirror staring at myself.

How did I let myself get like this? How did this happen? I’m only 24 years old, if I look like this now, what will I look like when I’m 50?

I snapped out of it. I realized that I needed to do something about it, now.

I started reading everything I could about health and fitness – books, articles, blog posts – you name it, I’ve read it.

I had three big realizations:

  • The modern food supply is really, really f*cked up
  • The things I thought were healthy (like grains and low-fat dairy) are actually terrible for you and instead most of my diet should be healthy meat, healthy fats, and veggies
  • As long as you eat healthy food most of the time, you can “get away” with eating junk food a couple times a week (actually, most people can even lose weight while eating junk food a couple times a week)

I’ll save my thoughts on the food supply and my list of healthy foods for another day.

Instead, today I’ll show you how I use the 3-letter acronym CAP to avoid getting fat when I eat junk food.

3 tactics to avoid getting fat while eating junk food

Let’s say you’re going out for your birthday dinner in an hour, what should you do to avoid the weight gain caused by that wine, pasta, and birthday cake you’re about to scarf down?

  • C = Cold Therapy

Many people in the fitness community have been using cold therapy for almost a decade now as a way to burn fat, but almost no one outside of it has ever heard of it (much less tried it).

Just Google “cold therapy for fat loss” and check out all the results that come up.

Let me tell you, it freakin’ works, and it’s not as unpleasant as it sounds (most people feel anxious before they try it, but after their first time they find it refreshing and relaxing).

Cold therapy works because your body constantly maintains the same temperature (98.6 degrees for most people), but when it’s exposed to cold, it’s forced to work harder, by burning more calories, to maintain the same temperature.

In short, cold therapy burns fat and reduces the inflammation caused by eating junk food – and that’s a good thing!

Here are three cold therapy options:

Option 1 – Wear an ice pack for 15 minutes (good)

The easiest way to burn fat with cold therapy is by wearing an ice pack on your upper-back/lower-neck for 20 minutes. Any ice pack will do, but if you want an ice pack that you don’t have to hold in place, check out the product I created just for this purpose – the SlimIce Pack.

Option 2 – Take an 8-10 minute cool shower (better)

If the water coming out of your tap is cooler than 70 degrees, this is your easiest option.

Hop in the shower, adjust the temperature to 65-70 degrees, listen to 3 songs (Shake It Off by Taylor Swift is one of my favorites…shh don’t tell anyone), and then get out!

Option 3 – Take a 15-minute cold bath (best)

For those willing to step it up, cold baths are the most effective form of cold therapy for fat loss.

Adjust the temperature to 65-70 degrees (use a cheap instant-thermometer like this one to test the temperature), if you can’t get the water cold enough get some ice from the corner store or your freezer.

  • A = Activity

When you hear the word exercise do you think of jogging for hours on end?

Well that’s not what you’ll be doing here.

The sole purpose of this 5-minute mini-workout is to direct as many of the calories you’re about to consume towards muscle and away from fat, that’s it. And you do that by working large muscle groups until they fatigue.

Translation? Do a bunch of push-ups and squats back-to-back.

Here’s what I do:

  • Set 1 – 50 push-ups, back-to-back. At some point you’ll fatigue and not be able to do another push-up (that’s a good thing). When that happens, give yourself a 15 second break and then keep going! Keep doing this until you hit 50 push-ups.

As soon as you finish the last push-up, go right into your squats.

  • Set 2 – 50 squats, back-to-back. Don’t stop and rest in between squats, keep going, even when you feel like you can’t do another squat, do one more. The more your muscles fatigue, the better.

BOOM! Now your muscles are primed to absorb the onslaught of calories you’re about to consume.

PRO TIP – Don’t alternate between squats and push-ups, finish all 50 push-ups before you do all 50 squats.

  • P = Proper Protein Portion

Just because you’re eating high-carb foods like pizza or pasta doesn’t mean you can’t also consume a proper portion of protein with your food.

Consuming protein (e.g., meat, fish, eggs, or legumes) along with those tasty high-carb foods slows down digestion (and that’s a good thing). The slower your body digests food, the less your blood sugar spikes, which means fewer calories will get directed to fat.

PRO TIP – A proper protein portion is typically about the size of your fist (e.g. women: 4-5 oz of meat, men: 6-7 oz, cooked weight)

Let’s reCAP

The next time you’re planning on eating a high-calorie meal, just remember the acronym CAP!

C = Cold Therapy

A = Activity

P = Proper Protein Portion

Want another tactic you can use to avoid getting fat when eating junk food?

Click the image below to get a 4-page guide that contains:

  • A FREE bonus tactic to avoid gaining weight while eating junk food that you can start using immediately
  • The step-by-step instructions I follow to make cool showers and cold baths as easy as possible
  • Videos showing proper squat and push-up technique (including what to do if you’re not strong enough to do a proper push-up yet)


How to Eat Junk Food and Not Get Fat

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